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Sherwin meets Allen

At the recent Neocon show I was fortunate to catch a co-presentation by Sherwin Williams and Robert Allen.  The two estimable firms, with a 200+-year design history combined, are serving up the most delicious color and fabric combinations in their new line of fabrics and coordinating paints.

Drawing on nature for inspiration is the keystone of this collection.  Download the 4 pdf’s to see the beauties the two companies have co-created.  Enjoy!


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Top 10 Decorating on the Cheap

I have observed and inquired – the economy that is, and concluded a few things.

  1. people want a bargain whether or not they are affected by the recession
  2. people give themselves “treats” during a difficult time in order to keep going

Where do you fall in this category?  Are you down in, or down with, the down market?  Some local merchants haven’t experienced a slump at all – they are in tune with their customers, and their customers allow themselves the little things, and big, that they perceive they can afford.  And we  have those who have so much that they are unaffected by Wall St. dips.

For those of us who are looking for a lift in this downturn, I recommend reading this excellent piece by Annetta Holmes.  Questions?  Need help?  You can always contact me

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.  Have a great weekend!

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